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I'm Scott, a wedding photographer in Cornwall who has been shooting images for, well, as long as I can remember.  I live in this amazing county that is Cornwall, and I am lucky to do so with my amazing family - Lucie and kids, Tom and Evie.  I have to mention Toby, our black Lab, otherwise Tom will kill me and to be fair, he is the best family pet in the World!  I have a love of all things outdoors, and have been known to find myself in some interesting positions, climbing some of the finest and most atmospheric sea cliffs in the country, right here in Cornwall.  I also like to kayak, and relax spending time with the children, creating our own family memories too!

Being a parent has really driven home why I think I have such a desire to create images - its about those memories and how a single image can make eyes well up with joy, whether it's a shot from a favourite family holiday or those special family events, like your wedding day.

If my outlook and documentary wedding photography style is what you are looking for to capture your big day, here's how you can contact me.


Let's raise a glass to those happy memories, from one family to another. Xx