Frequently asked questions



  • How long do you spend with us on the day?

I aim to be with the bride about 2 hours before the ceremony to provide time to say hi (really important!) meet special people like parents and bridesmaids, and to capture the details of your day such as your shoes, dress etc.  It also provides time to shoot some images of the preparations and you getting ready.  I stick with you all day until after the first dance and if things are lively, a little longer to capture some of the fun!  The focus in the morning tends to be on the bridal preparations so that is where I will spend time, if the groom preparations are really important for you, we may need to discuss a second photographer to cover that, however the fee will increase to reflect that, depending on the fee of the available second photographer.  It is not unusual for a 12 hour day of coverage.



  • Are you insured?

Yes is the short answer.  I have public liability insurance, professional indemnity cover and employer's liability insurance for the odd occasion that someone works with me.  Don't be afraid to ask to see confirmation, that's fine!



  • Can we meet up before the wedding so we can get to know each other a little and make sure we get on?

Absolutely - this is important so you feel relaxed and re-assured that you have the right person to take your photos.  We can try to meet at your venue if you like, to explore and find places that might be suitable for shots on the day and to think about wet weather plans should they be needed.  We might even get the chance to shoot some pre-wedding bonus shots....all part of the service!  I will try my best to fit in with times that you are free.

When we meet we can discuss details for the day, chat and hopefully become friends in the longer term too :)



  • I'm not used to posing for the camera, it makes me nervous!

That's normal for most people, and as a photographer, I understand that and will encourage you to relax and be yourself.  The images will better reflect your real personalities that way.  I will guide you both, rather than pose you but if you have ideas you want to try, then that's fine too!!  Just remember it is about having fun on you special day and not being stressed!! My style of shooting does not involve lots in of posing, it is a less formal style.



  • What gear do you use?

I shoot with Canon equipment mostly, it's what I have grown used to and like using, I have 2 cameras just in case and a range of high quality lenses for them.  I prefer to use natural light, but sometimes there is a need for flash, I have a couple of flashguns and some location lighting which is fun to use if time allows, or if the weather calls for it.



  • How do I book my wedding with you?

Just ring or message me, you will need to pay a deposit of £200 to secure your date and there is a short Contract which we both can have a copy of to explain what has been agreed on both sides.  This is normal and my insurance requires it.....



  • How many photos do we get?

Well it depends on the size of the wedding and how long your day is really, generally 150-200 images would be a minimum for a short day or small wedding.  Larger or longer weddings would increase that number and 500 images, sometimes more is a good guide.  A part of the fee pays for attendance on the day with expensive equipment but there is also then a large task to select and edit the images to provide you with the best shots.  I like to check each one in turn and make adjustments to each and every shot that I provide you with

The shots will also reflect any restrictions imposed by the venue for the ceremony, sometimes photographers are not allowed to move around the ceremony venue, so it can be useful for you to check this when considering your venue so you know what to expect.



Other Questions you might have??

If you have got this far then well done! However if there is anything that you want to know, just ask, there are no silly questions and if you are wondering about something, chances are, other couples might be too - let me know so I can keep this FAQ page updated if new questions come up, thanks!!!!